photo by @constanzehan

Hey! My name's Natasha Blake and I was born and raised and established my business in London, UK.
I started developing an interest in nail art specifically when I was 8 years old. My interest developed more and more over the years until I got my first job in a salon, the prestigious WAH Nails in 2016. I then decided to branch off into my own brand and created Fuego Nails in 2017. The name obviously translates to fire, my nationality is mixed of Spanish, Greek-Cypriot, New Zealand and British, my background of different cultures definitely inspires me.
I am also inspired by my Catholic upbringing - although I now consider myself a spiritualist, which also heavily influences my work.

Here’s a random list of things that inspire me:

Tarantino films/style of directing, female empowerment, weaponry, martial arts, art in general, legendary artists like Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Matisse etc, philosophy, anthroposophy, esoteric wisdom, magick, ocean, trinkets you find in the ocean, looking at the ocean, swimming in the ocean, ocean landscapes and beaches, sunsets, opals, crystals, rocks, the forest, flowers, cartoons, album artworks, music, hip hop, rap icons, song lyrics, Mexico, Texas, desert cacti, Las Vegas, fear and loathing in last vegas, LA low ridas, palms trees, roses, mob wives, Robert Rodriquez, street art, catholic cathedrals, religious iconography, offerings and statues, Taoism, psychedelics, eyes, universes, planets, stars, the solar system, aliens, other sentient life forms, jellyfish, weird sea creatures, cute sea creatures, people, family, friends, myself

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